Coaching and Counseling has a broad paint stroke with clients and their goals. What I genuinely offer to Students, Parents, Teachers, Athletes and Corporations (not limited to these) is a partner to navigate life when we have designed a change or change has been presented with no choice. We work bravely together to design new plans and goals. 
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Life, Youth, Business, Executive Coaching & Counseling with
Edward Bailey
Certified Coach and Counselor 
through CLCI, an ICF 5 star accredited program!  
Personal Life
  • Accountability Planning

  • Goal Follow Through

  • Work / Life Balance

  • Parenting Guidance

  • Pandemic Reinventions

  • Creating an Authentic Self

  • Anxiety and Self Worth

Family Counseling 
  • Family Life Structure

  • Reconnecting

  • Social Media Limitations

  • Smart Phone Dependency

  • Athlete Counseling

  • Building Trust

  • Parenting Balance

Youth Counseling
  • Social Media Dependency

  • Athlete Accountability

  • Video Game Dependency

  • Positive Self Image

  • Confidence Building

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • Academic Focus

  • Creating a Future Plan

  • Pandemic Adjustments

  • Work / Life Balance

  • Career Planning

  • Pandemic Reinvention

  • Pressure and Anxiety 

  • Staff Counseling 

  • Adapting to Goal Changes

  • Group / Staff Training

  • Purposeful Speaking

  • Understanding separation due to Pandemic

Zen Stones
Rock Balancing
My Approach

The approach we apply to everything we do is to have a sense of purpose, be caring, empathy and accountability. Over my life I have had success in marriage, parenting, business, friendships, relationship building and goal accomplishment. Together we can match your needs with the wide scope of life experiences I have already lived through. Everyone has goals they want to set into action but somehow never get there. Together we can infuse the ability to know when to put yourself first and allow all other areas to follow. It doesn't matter how you start to value your needs and goals... the most important part is to start doing something for yourself. 

About me

The first thing to know is that I am a passionately dedicated husband and father. Like many others I a had long-tenured corporate career cut short after 22 years due to Covid-19. I have always had a strong sense of balance when helping others. This is the basis for why I got certified in coaching and counseling and started Authentic You!

Getting Help

Connecting with someone who can help you create the path you want to be on is one of life's most critical choices. Mental balance should be a primary focus for all of us. When my personal life was in its most critical state of unbalance I made the choice to find guidance. Co-creating balance in my own life with an unbiased guide is the most purposeful choice I ever made. My goal is to be that guide and partner for you!


Goal Creating


Self Esteem


Covid-19 Adjusting




Work/Life Balance

I have been working with Ed at Authentic You for several months as I start my new real estate business. His business/personal guidance have made structuring my new life easier & removed the anxiety. 

Jason .K. Age 47